Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Italo Disco (80's NRG) (4-07)

When I was growing up in LA everybody listened to disco music. Even through the 80's. Here's some of the records I inhireted from my brother in law Raul, when he stopped spinning. This is an all vinyl mix...

Laura Brannigan - Self Control
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Stacy Q - Shy Girl
Magazine 60 - Don Quchotte
Jade - I'm Gonna Get Your Love (Disconet)
Lisa - Mandatory Love
Evelyn Thomas - High Energy
Fun Fun - Happy Station
Patrick Cowley - Menergy
Rofo - I Want You
Lime - You're My Magician
Jessica Williams - They Call Me Queen Of Fools
Angie Gold - Eat You Up
Waterfront Home - Take A Chance
Hazel Dean - Searching
Kim Fields (Tootie) - He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
Lisa - Rocket To Your Heart
Miquel Brown - Beeline
Ramming Speed - When You Walk In The Room
Lime - I Don't Wanna Lose You
Mike Mareen - Love Spy
Jock Hattle - Crazy Family (Liebrand)
Phaeax - Talk About (Liebrand)
Carlos Perez - Las Manos Quietas

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