Thursday, August 26, 2010

TGRIOnline x DJ Melo present... Culipandeo: Volumen Tres

Sadly, the Summer of Moombahton is coming to an end. Labor Day is just around the corner, the weather is almost bearable, and the kiddies are heading back to school. Luckily, there is still time to enjoy your favorite twisted tropical tunes. Continuing the TGRI-exclusive series of moombahton mixes is Culipandeo Volumen Tres, brought to you by Phoenix's DJ Melo.

DJ Melo, with a background of spinning reggaeton, house and Latin music, has the perfect pedigree for moombahton. Melo's moombahton edits have been showing up all over the place and for good reason. His mix features tracks by friends-of-the-site Munchi, David Heartbreak, and Cam Jus (including Cam's brand new joint "Even the Gringos"). Melo seamlessly mixes moombahton with more traditional reggaeton into a non-stop party mix for fans of either style.

The Summer of Moombahton may be ending, but the genre keeps moving forward thanks to innovative musicians like DJ Melo. Don't sleep on this mix.

Tracklist for Culipandeo Volumen Tres:

Dactyl Dactyl - Enter The Ninja
Herve - Dibby DJ (Doc Adam)
Jadiel - Fashion Girl (DJ Santarosa)
Contents Hot - Boombahton
DJ Mingo - El Kulikitra
Gtronic - Sucker Punch (Prince Klassen Nihonmahton Edit)
DJ Naldo - Playero 2010
Munchi - Metele Bellaco
Jon Kwest - Nice Dreams
Kissed With A Noise ft Young Buck - Get Bucked (Skeet Skeet's Moombuckton Remix)
DJ Manik - Noise (Geo Geo)
Cam Jus - Even The Gringos
Ying Yang Twins - Saltshaker (David Heartbreak)
Hatiras - The New Jam (DJ Melo)
Pickster & Melo - Mas Poderoso (DJ Tranzo Remix)
DJ Santarosa - Choloton Ride With Us
Jon Kwest vs Don Omar - Get Loose Salio El Sol (Melo Blend)
Speedy - Sientelo (DJ Melo)
Kid Kaio - Hey (David Heartbreak)
Munchi - Pepe Volvio
Munchi - Fizzdom
SLVRSNKS - And Rock (Tripett)
Taio Cruz - Dynamite (Groovematic)
DJ Apt One vs Samir - Samir's Island
Marcus Rice & Carli - Bira Weed Sax (Heartbreak & Melo)
Pickster & Melo - Mas Poderoso (Jon Kwest Remix)

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