Friday, March 12, 2010

DJ Smite & DJ Melo - B-Boy Babylon (3-6-98)

This was recorded live at a legendary B-boy battle, back in the late 90s. It features dj sets from myself & DJ Smite (Sir Smeezy) and a showcase by DJ Z-Trip. I ripped it from a cassette Smite dubbed for me after he edited it down, so the sound quality is kinda low. Big up B-boy House who convinced me to post this tape the other night, or I wouldve just kept it on the shelf... DISCLAIMER!!! This was about 12 years ago. Don't be too critical on our skills back then. We were hella young, haha

DJ Smite & DJ Melo - Me & My Main (B-Boy Babylon) (Side A)

DJ Smite & DJ Melo - Me & My Main (B-Boy Babylon) (Side B)

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